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Important Ordering Tips for Parents!

You can shop online here  – make sure you have your password at the ready! We embroider uniforms for so many schools that it’s important to make sure you are ordering the right uniform, and the password helps you and us be sure that everything is going smoothly. If you have forgotten the password, there is guidance below.  Parents who have used the system for many years have helped us compile these hints and tips – if you have any that will help future users, please let us know and we will add them to this section.

The online shop has its own little quirks! In particular:

  • Once you have submitted all of your details please do not use the Back Arrow as this loses all the information input so far – please use the continue shopping button.
  • Please be aware that there is a time out feature on the Online Shop – please do not go off making the tea half way through placing your order!
  • Don’t forget to show your child’s age in the first box on the form (or your oldest child, if you are ordering for more than one)



Ordering FAQs

How can I spread the cost of school uniforms?

We run the Elizabeths Embroidery Savings Card Scheme to help you spread the costs over the school year. You can save as much or as little as you like, and the balance on 30th June goes towards your order. If there is anything left on the card, it carries through to your next order. For more information contact us or visit the Savings Club Facebook page. For terms and conditions of the savings club, click here.

What uniform should I get for my primary school new starter?

In our experience, most choose 3 polo shirts (1 to wear, 1 in the wash, 1 ready to wear) – 2 sweatshirts/jumpers/cardigans – 2 trousers/skirts – 1 gym kit – 1 book bag & 1 fleece/jacket. Depending on the child & how often you intend to wash, some take fewer items but many take enough for the whole week. Our best advice is to choose enough uniform for your clothes wash strategy, and don’t forget we supply uniform all year round.

My child starts school in September, when should I order to ensure I get uniform in time?

The most important day in your child's young life is the first day at school. School uniform instantly gives your child a sense of belonging. In normal term time delivery is about 2 weeks, but the summer holidays are manic and the last 2 weeks are bedlam! Order your uniform early, even before the start of the holidays in July. Leaving your order until August may lead to a big disappointment.

What size do I need to allow for growing room?

Children keep on growing! If you call in to see us at our Stockton shop, or meet us at an induction evening, we can size your child there and then. As a rule of thumb, if in doubt go a size bigger.

I want my child’s initials on their garments

You can have up to 5 initials (including hyphens) embroidered under the school logo; there is a small charge per garment. No full names please - a stranger knowing your child’s name is not a good idea! When choosing your garments, you will be asked 'Do you require initials?' on each item – select Yes and tell us the initials you want to appear (ignore full stops as we will automatically put these in for you). Please take care: initials are permanent and take a great deal of time to remove. There is a £4.50 charge per garment to remove incorrect initials.

Can you embroider my own plain garments?

We’re able to embroider any logo as long as we have the school’s (or company’s) permission. If you would like your school’s logo or your child's initials added to your plain garments, place a blank order using your school password and leave a note in the Comments section, and we will get back to you with details and cost.

I need to order for more than one child

If both attend the same school, make your choice of uniform for one child, click to put them into your shopping cart, double check that you have the exact items, sizes, initials you require, then click to continue shopping, choose items for your next child and so on until you proceed to check out.If your children attend different schools, you will need to place a separate order for each school using the relevant school passwords. For home delivery of split orders, please pay for delivery only on your first order and leave a note of the other schools and names at checkout. For subsequent orders, mark as Collection.

How long will my order take? How can I receive it?

Orders during the school year take around two weeks – you can find out more about the order lifecyle here (LINK). In the summer holidays, it’s a whole different ball game – allow 4-6 weeks if you can. We’ll email or text you when your order is ready.You can COLLECT your order for FREE from the Elizabeths Embroidery shop in Stockton, ask for it to be POSTED to your home for a standard charge of £4.95, or arrange for DELIVERY TO SCHOOL during term time for a standard charge of 50p (note prices are subject to change).

I have forgotten the school password – help!

You can complete the form below and we will email you with your password during office hours. Apologies, but to avoid confusion between schools with similar names we can’t give passwords out over the telephone. Alternatively, check your introductory email or letter about uniforms from your school, or ask at the school office for the password.

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